Classis Augusta Germanica

The Classis Augusta Germanicaclassis
The Roman Empire had various naval units spread throughout the empire. The Classis Augusta Germanica was one of these units. One of the tasks of this unit was monitoring the border ( limes ) and the monitoring of traffic on the rivers.

The Classis Augusta Germanica was the Roman military fleet on the Rhine frontier. The headquarters of the fleet was just south of Cologne, the then capital of the province of Germania Inferior. Other fleet bases were in Bunnik-Fighting (Fectio), Leiden Roomburg (Matilo) and Brittenburg (Lugdunum) near Katwijk. Stamps of the Classis Augusta Germanica are also found in several forts along the Rhine, including Valkenburg (Praetorium Agrippina), Alphen aan den Rijn (Albaniana), Woerden (Laurium) and Vleuten-De Meern. Additionally stamps were found in Voorburg (Forum Hadriani), located along the canal of Corbulo.

The Classis Augusta Germanica is a project of Pax Romana. The Marines can be hired on request for special occasions at museums and other official occasions.